CRF Training Videos

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CHM U - Training Video 001 - 12/1/2013 - How to access the CRF shared Google drive folders:

CHM U - Training Video 002 - 12/1/2013 - How to use the CRF shared Google drive folders:

CHM U - Training Video 003 - 12/1/2013 - How to use the site:

CHM U - Training Video 004 - 12/1/2013 - How to use GoToMeeting to record a training or info video:

Other resources:

- Use Google Docs with a screen reader:

- Chromevox - A screen reader made foruse with the Google Chrome browser:

- Downloading Google documents in MS Word format for accessibility

Some users are using various accessibility tools for screen reading and input. Some of these tools are not compatible with online document sharing.

To download a working copy of the document in MS Word format:
  • go to the google drive file menu
  • right click on the filename
  • choose download
  • choose MS Word format in the dropdown box
  • click the download button
  • open in MS Word

Any changes you make will be to the downloaded word file and will not be reflected in the shared google document. If you want to suggest edits to the google doc send a redline version of the MS Word document to __randy@generabio.com__ and I will post the edits to the shared document. You can also copy from MS Word documents on your desktop and paste into the shared Google document.

Call Randy Wheelock at 423-612-5265 if you need assistance or email